Blind Pass Group
Many service opportunities are available at Blind Pass Group. Sign-up boards are available for chairing meetings and brewing coffee. Be sure to check the group bulletin board for other opportunities at our group and in the greater Pinellas area.

Cleanup volunteers are needed Saturday mornings for routine housekeeping at the Blind Pass Group.

Helpline Volunteers
Pinellas County Intergroup needs volunteers to work the helplines for Alcoholics Anonymous. Requirements include a working telephone and one year of sobriety.

For more information, please call (727) 530-0415

Bridging The Gap
Help bridge that precarious gap between a treatment center and the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous!

It works like this:

  • The potential AA calls the “Bridging the Gap Voice Mail” and leaves their name, phone number, gender, and zip code.
  • An assigned Volunteer AA checks the voicemail each day and retrieves the messages.
  • They then pair up the potential AA with a “Volunteer AA” in their zip code with their matching gender on the “Bridging the Gap Volunteer List”
  • The “Volunteer AA” receives a phone call notifying them of the information on the potential AA, they call the potential AA back and set up a time to meet when they get out.
  • The “Volunteer AA” takes them to their first outside meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and introduces them to the fellowship in their area.

And like magic, the Gap is Bridged!

For information or form pickup, please contact:
(727) 529-5100 |